For any house owner, it’s necessary to keep their house safe from the outside world and unwanted incidents. When it comes to the security of your home, having a good security system for doors and windows is essential as it gives you peace of mind. The most important thing to protect your place is choosing a quality lock system with the latest design. TradeLocks is a reliable UK supplier and distributor of door security products and designed door hardware. They have built a strong reputation by supplying world-class products.

TradeLocks has been providing security for over 16 years and has experienced in working with the most trusted and reputed automatic locksmith tool brands, which are recognized for their unbeatable quality. With TradeLocks, you can find the latest security locks products such as Lishi2, Lishis3 in1 pick tools. The exceptional quality of lock picking tools from Genuine Lishi so as to ensure durability and reliability. TradeLocks understands the value of your hard earned money and more than that, they know the importance of the safety of your family, property, and documents. That is why they offer affordable solutions whether you want to add auto services to your current lock system or a new lock system for your home, office, and vehicles.

The company was established in 1996, since then they have been producing products that meet all your requirements and needs. TradeLocks has their head office in Manchester and export office in China and India. Due to their excellent supply and high-quality production, TradeLocks has been awarded "supplier of the year" in 2011 at the Locksmiths exhibition. All their products from security door locks, door closers, knockers, and letter plates to advanced digital locks are available in a vast range of sizes, shapes, materials and designs to ensure the best customer services.

TradeLocks offers affordable electronic, used and mechanical key cutting machines with standard features and quality materials. They strive to provide the best lock tools and quality products so you can get out of your offices and home without any stress or fear.

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