When you attend a live sporting or any music event in person, you in fact get an opportunity to contribute to the event. You get to see your preferred sports persons or role models in flesh and blood. This is perhaps why most people like to watch sports and music events live. The excitement that you get when you are a part of a cheering crowd is not something that you can understand when you watch the same event at home sitting in front of a TV alone. Therefore, it is this enthusiasm to be a part of the spectacle that attracts people to the stadium.

Ultimately, watching an event live is not exactly the same as watching its broadcast on TV. In majority of cases the factors that discourage people from going to the stadium is not the lack of interest but the higher price of ticket and the partial availability or sometimes unavailability of tickets. If tickets are available on time and they have the money to spend, fans are more likely to watch it in person than on TV.

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