During the ‘cave man’ days, we developed many methods and tools to hunt animals way more ferocious and relatively larger and menacing then us homo sapiens. One of our ancestors came up with the idea to tie a string to a flexible stick and shoot sharpened bamboo to harvest meat for his dinner and that is how the most exciting method of hunting was invented. The bow and arrow are the best tools to simulate a level of satisfaction that is only obtained by shooting arrows at a target accurately. Basically, archery supplies you with sufficient adrenaline to feel like a mighty force of nature.

Being able to kill from a distance is what formulated the basic principles of archery. Slowly, the targets shifted from animals to men and from meat to murder. In the pre-napalm era, when guns were just plans on papers of innovators; armies and wars heavily utilized arrays of archers who would shoot thousands of arrows on their enemies before they unleashed the cavalry. In the modern era, where the world is not suffering from political wars and famines like before, archery has subsided from flesh, to targets made of wood, paper and foam. Archery is now a sport recognized by the Olympics.

The reason why archery has gained recognition as an Olympic level sport is because of how it requires everything a sound sportsman needs, i.e. accuracy, physical and mental fitness and discipline. Archery is in the modern era is practiced in more than one ways. There’s target archery, the format in which the Olympic sport is played; field archery, which is just target archery combined with an outdoor obstacle course; 3D archery, which is the stimulant of real life hunting with immobile foam made animals; and then there are traditional ways like going out on your own and shoot at stumps or targets made by you, or even bow hunting small animals for meat and experience.

Bows, the main instrument used in the sport are found in many forms. Olympics have standardized the recurve bows which are simple bows made of high class flexible materials to provide high accuracy. Compound bows are the most modern seeming creation with a complex mechanism designed to shoot the most accurate arrows. Then there are crossbows which are the amalgam creation of a gun like mechanism that shoots arrows.

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